Thursday, November 13, 2008

Tastes like trouble: VIII

We pulled off the curb with a reasonable amount of haste. A Nazi car swung in and scooped up the two on the sidewalk. The UIO man cursed and accelerated as fast as traffic would allow. “What the hell? You tell me you have nothing to tell me and give me some bullshit story. I come out of your place and see these assholes,” He jerked his thumb over his shoulder pointing to the car riding the tale-gate. “I followed them to your girl's hospital.” He took a quick left after the light had turned red. The cross traffic nipped the left rear of the car, everyone and their cousin honked, but the Nazi car had been successfully dodged

“I don't like playing catchup.” Then you must hate all this detective work. He threw the car into park. My poor head slammed into the seat. I was certain that I had received irreparable damage. “Not when the answer is sitting in my car. Tell me why they like you so much, or the both of you can pound sand and I will go back to following them.” He looked in his driver side mirror the traffic was clearing up and the light was going to change any moment.

Lets get some pancakes. I wasn't sure if I had said it out loud but the car was moving again and we were still inside. Someone had said something, and I only hoped we were destine for a short stack.

I really only had to say Hitlers gold and we were chummy like the old days. I got to see his little notebook again, his tiny pair of glasses. I was the only one eating... and the only one talking, so things were moving at a slow pace.

My research, is not directly related to and easily confused with with... it's was about escaping war criminals. I exaggerated on one of my updates that involved a lost German U boat and the cargo it carried.

The UIO man wrote that down.

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