Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Tastes like trouble: XI

So it turns out the best plan anyone could come up with was to use me as bait. Personally, I felt it was a horrible fucking idea, but Karen wasn't around to back me up. Apparently it was really to dangerous for her to be around, but me, the guy that probably should be dead, is fine.
I'm not fine, by the way, in fact I am quickly approaching the furthest from fine I have ever been. The furthest being the time I was in the far east and met a gal who turned out to not be a gal at all. That was not a very good time at all.
It was my understanding that I was to go about my business as if I had no protection at all. And I probably wouldn't because they didn't want them to know it was a trap. Really, really, really, lame.

So after being shown how to use a gun, I found myself on the street without a gun. I don't even know why they showed me. I am of the opinion that it was just a mindfuck payback for all the verbal abuse I had put them through. Show me how to defend myself from scary abusive mean Nazi and then take the ability away. When this is all over I am going to get some therapy.

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