Monday, October 13, 2008

I have a vision, but no plan.


I rode my bike to work today. I also donated blood. The ride home was spiritual. I am only on the edge of joking when I say that I nearly blacked out. Nearly. I could feel all of me at the same time, and then all the feeling would rush to my head, like waves crashing.

Everything is okay now. I did not see the future, or a past life, or a deceased loved one. But oddly enough, a deceased loved one from one of my past lives told me about the future. But their future happened to be the present so… marbles.

TV, TV, books, books. I want to sit around a campfire and tell stories like they did in long ago times. Travel by foot and horse, when rivers seemed insurmountable at times. Shoot dinner and cook it over an open fire. Surrounded by the smell of leaves and grass, shit, fire, mud, rain, animals and me.

I say we terra-form Mars, and then send a giant ark full of animals there. We wait a few years and follow. We can name the ark ‘Noah’ or something utterly clich├ęd and an equally cheesy name for the mission. No return trip. We just go there and start over, like the wild west but this time there won’t be Indians to give small pocks to. If there are Martians, we might give them small pocks, but that is just because they won’t like our firewater. I wonder if we would be able to adjust to a different length


Let’s all buy cowboy hats and go live on Mars.

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