Friday, October 10, 2008

What has to be my fifth attempt at blogging.

This is my second day off. This stay home vacation began on Wednesday night with a trip into the city on the train. Mike and I went to see Satriani at the Chicago theater. ... just saying Satriani makes me think that it might have been an opera or something. Not an opera, just flat out guitar talent.
There was a pretty amazing milf on the train, she locked her keys in her car in the city and was on her way back in with her extra set. I think she worked on the Oprah show. I think that is what she said. Mike would have to confirm.
The walk to the show reintroduced me to shin splints and Qudoba. The first for both in my time in Illinois.
The show ended, the streets were relatively empty. Skateboarders were doing their thing in front of a building. There were kids in the train station on their bikes. I honestly wonder where their parents think they are. Eight out of ten people I saw out at eleven at night in the city were younger than any of the two numbers in this sentence added together. There were also some backpackers. They were dressed like they were trying to hitch a ride on the side of a highway out west, but they were in the middle of State street. I wondered where they were going, and how the one guy could wear a backpack on his front without it falling off. And now I am wondering if I should refer to it as a front-pack.
The train home was full. there were some guys from the south sitting behind me. Their conversation jumped from the porn on their telephones, to perks they get on their credit cards, to guns, and then started all over. They got off at the same stop that I did and one of them hollered, "Taking care of business like how we do in New Orleans." he then pissed on the train station. I think that illustration speaks for itself.
There were another two young guys on the train. They were very greasy, as in dirty. Homeless looking. But they had cellphones. Do the homeless now have cellphones? There was an abused air about them, they seemed damaged. Homosexual almost, or confused in a way that would make them seem that way. One of them was reading a Harry Potter book to the other until he fell asleep.

I went golfing today. I had a score that would be alright if I had been bowling. I seem to be getting it down. I feel there will be a dramatic improvement in the future. Unfortunately there was little chance for odd character study today. Anything interesting could have been contributed to suburban stupidity.

They were equally enjoyable.

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